Monday, September 10, 2012

The Italian Peninsula

Italy is possibly the world's greatest country, it is rich in history, culture and unbelievable food. Italy was home to the world's greatest empire of all time, the Roman Empire. The Italian peninsula is around 116,346 square miles according to encyclopedia Britannica. It holds a population of sixty million people. According to Travel there are twenty different Providences within the Italian borders.
also with in the border of Italy are two smaller countries or microstates, both the Vatican City and San Marino reside on the Italian peninsula. According to the Vatican's Website it has a population of one, the Pope.

Amazingly, the United States mirrors Italy in some ways. For example, both the north of the United States and the Italian north are highly industrialized areas, where the southern portions of the countries are much more rural. Italy was the world's greatest empire, controlling the majority of Europe the Northern coast of Africa and large portions of the middle east and Asia. The United states is today's great empire, while it has not colonized many countries like the Romans, the United States has its hands in countries all over the world. Both countries are the leader in technology and have helped the world to progress in unbelievable leaps and strides. For the Romans it was the Arch, the aqueducts, and lead pipes, for the United States the rise in technology has come in the field of computers and the internet.

Thanks to the Vatican's location, Italy is one of the most devoutly Catholic people in the world. But religion in Italy is a lot different than religion in the United States. In just one example, Italian Priest will perform well over two thousand exorcisms in a year. Exorcisms can treat a range of personal demons from Alcoholism to unsettled spirits in the house.

This has been a very brief description of Italy.

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