Monday, September 3, 2012

Death of Martini

In a phenomenon unknown to the United States, The city of Milan (the business capital of Italy according to shut down because a religious leader died. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini's funeral was Monday morning. I chose this story because religion is a large picture of cultural design. Italy is the home of the Catholic Church. As stated on the Vatican's ( Vatican City is the Capital of the Catholic Church as well as the home of the Pope, who is the leader of the Catholic Church.

The interesting part of Martini's death is the interview that came out the day after his death. ( Linked is the article posted by the Huffington Post with their interpretation of the interview.

In the interview Martini states that he believes the church is 200 years out of date. Personally, I would have to agree with him. Although I am an active member of the Catholic church there are many areas that the church needs reform in. The key area being the marriage right of Priest. Priest are to be married to the church, but it is time to allow them to also be married to a woman. If the church had changed this value/ideal it is my belief that they could have avoid the early scandals.

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